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Youth Highland supports a network of voluntary organisations and groups to help young people to bring about positive change in their lives and communities using youth work methods and principles.


An empowered, diverse, innovative and collaborative voluntary youth sector working towards best possible outcomes for Highlands young people.


As a values based organisation we subscribe to the values and core principals of Youthwork and CLD including Inclusion | Self determination | Empowerment | Collaboration | Learning


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Chief Officer

Clair has been Chief Officer at Youth Highland during a period of great change. She has championed the improvement of voluntary youth work in the Highlands through training and supporting organisations and individuals. Prior to arriving in the Highlands she lived in Nottingham and held key youth work positions.

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Youth Participation Officer

Rhiannon has been responsible for delivering youth participation projects at Youth Highland for 4 years. She is passionate about enabling young people to be active citizens within their clubs and communities. Rhiannon has pioneered the development of peer learning programmes enabled young people to lead positive change in communities across the Highlands.

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Network Support Officer

Jacquie brings a variety of experience to her role as Network Support Officer. A passionate creative and a believer in finding new and different solutions to problems. Jacquie is responsible for supporting member clubs and partner organisations to meet the changing needs of young people in rural communities throughout Highland.

Jacquie is gifted in the art of cat herding – her ability to bring people together and enable great things to happen is almost mystical.

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Finance Officer

Jean is in charge of numbers at Youth Highland. She is a financial wizard, supporting every team member to make our financial resource make the biggest difference possible to young people in the region.
Jean has made speaking to smarmy salesmen a sport, and she always gets us the best deal.


Why we do what we do

We believe that youth work changes lives and because of this we want to ensure all young people in Highland have access to quality youth work services.

How we do it

Youth Highland works to enable EVERY young person to access youth work in a safe space where they can socialise, have fun and learn.

What we do

We enable a wide variety of programmes using youth work methods, principles and values co-delivered by young people and skilled and confident youth workers in communities across Highland.


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Voluntary Youth Network

The Voluntary Youth Network was launched in January 2017 in response to the increasing financial threat to voluntary and third sector youth organisations in Highland.

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Scottish Attainment Challenge

Youth work has been recognised as a solution to closing the poverty related attainment gap in Highland. Youth Highland are supporting Education Scotland in closing the attainment gap.

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Peer Education

Youth Highland has been working in partnership with young people to identify and explore issues and to develop learning programmes to be delivered by young people to their peers.

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Youth Highland has supported groups of young people make positive change happen in their lives and communities.



The Pillar Box, High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9HA.

01349 865186

The Pillar Box, High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9HA.