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Young Trainee Artists have been working with Youth Highland and professional artists to use creative processes to collect and amplify the voices of young people to ensure they are seen and heard. The piece expresses young peoples reflections about their experience of living and growing up in Highland, the impact of the pandemic on their lives and the changes they want to see and be a part of in the future. This work has resulted in a film and sound projection piece which was showcased in 4 site specific locations - Balintore, Inverness, Thurso and Alness, between Thurs 10th and Sunday 13thth February 2022. The project is funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Arts Fund through Creative Scotland with support from Youth Music Initiative and Time to Shine. The Youth Arts Fund ensures creative opportunities for children and young people continue to exist across Scotland despite the COVID-19 pandemic.




Following the First Minister's covid briefing on Friday 11th December 2021

It is important to note that there is not currently any change to COVID Guidance that would prevent face-to-face youth work taking place.

However, it is in the interests of all involved across the youth work sector to ensure robust and proportionate measures are in place in order to minimise the risk of transmission and ensure appropriate mitigations are in place.

From 11 December 2021, update to the Test & Self Isolation Guidance.
  • If you’re identified as a household contact of a positive COVID-19 case, you will be advised to self-isolate for 10 days irrespective of vaccination status, PCR test result and age.
  • If you think you have COVID-19 symptoms you should self-isolate immediately and take a PCR test.
  • If you do not have symptoms, you can order rapid lateral flow tests for regular testing at home.
  • We’re encouraging everyone to take regular tests, this is particularly important if you’re socialising or mixing with other households.
  • Follow the guidance on getting tested and self-isolating.
  • Business and organisations providing public services can apply for a critical workers exemption to allow essential workers to volunteer to leave self-isolation and return to work, in certain limited circumstance, to allow vital services to continue.

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    Youth Highland supports a network of voluntary organisations and groups to help young people to bring about positive change in their lives and communities using youth work methods and principles.


    An empowered, diverse, innovative and collaborative voluntary youth sector working towards best possible outcomes for Highlands young people.


    As a values based organisation we subscribe to the values and core principals of Youthwork and CLD including Inclusion | Self determination | Empowerment | Collaboration | Learning

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    As we move to increasingly supporting the delivery of face-2-face Youth Work we would like to ensure that you have access to relevant and up-to-date information so that you can deliver your sessions as safely and in line with the right regulations. With the enhanced summer offering for children and young people announced in March 2021, guidance for Local Authorities published in May 2021, the Youth Work offering throughout the voluntary sector in the Highlands is significant! Please find below a list of links that may of relevance to your delivery.

  • Scottish Government Safer Workplace Guidance
  • Scottish Government advice on physical education and expressive arts.
  • Scottish Government of the safe running of organised activities for children and young people.
  • Scottish Governments strategic framework for moving beyond Level 0
  • Scottish Government Test and Trace guidance.
  • YouthLink Scotlands National Youth Work guidance, updated JULY 5TH 2021.
  • Youth Highland's Digital Youth Work Guidance booklet

  • If you would like any further information about delivering your Youth Work program safely please get in touch with Coral. For any other queries regarding general guidance please get in touch with Jacquie.


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    Chief Officer

    Clair has been Chief Officer at Youth Highland during a period of great change and has championed the improvement of voluntary youth work in the Highlands through training and supporting organisations and individuals.

    Enthusiastic, inspiring and empowering, Clair is the driving force behind the Youth Highland team. Prior to arriving in the Highlands she lived in Nottingham and held key youth work positions.

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    Youth Work Manager

    Rhiannon has be a Youth Worker for 13 years and is responsible for ensuring the smooth delivery of Youth Work, awards and general day to day running of Youth Highland. She is passionate about enabling young people to be active citizens within their clubs and communities. Rhiannon has pioneered the development of peer learning programmes enabled young people to lead positive change in communities across the Highlands.

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    Network Support Officer

    Jacquie brings a variety of experience to her role as Network Support Officer. Passionately creative and a believer in finding new and different solutions to problems, Jacquie is responsible for supporting member clubs and partner organisations to meet the changing needs of young people in rural Highland communities.

    Jacquie's ability to bring people together and enable great things to happen is almost mystical.

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    Youth Work - Peer Education

    Bronwyn is Youth Highland’s new Peer Education worker. She is BA Honours qualified Youth Worker with nearly ten years of youth work experience.

    Bronwyn is passionate about enabling learning opportunities for participants and continues to engage in lifelong learning to support the unique needs of every individual.

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    Area Youth HUB Coordinator

    Coral has worked in organisations from each sector – public, private and third. Coral brings with her over 20 years of experience working with community and grass roots organisations, not to mention having a brood of four children, she has served her time on many committees!

    For the past three years she has been actively involved with a local charity covering all bases from accounts to cleaning the loos!

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    Finance Officer

    Jean is in charge of numbers at Youth Highland. She is a financial wizard, supporting every team member to make our financial resource make the biggest difference possible to young people in the region.

    Jean has made speaking to smarmy salesmen a sport, and she always gets us the best deal.

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    Trainee Youth Arts Worker

    Verity is a passionate activist who strongly advocates for human rights. Armed with the UNCRC articles she is leading the visual arm of Youth Highlands #shiftthepower project to collect and share the voices of young people and support them to make change happen.

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    Trainee Youth Arts Worker

    William has rock and roll in his blood and his talent for music is written in his DNA, so who better than to create the sound piece for Youth Highlands #shiftthepower. William is a natural activist who uses his voice to speak up against inequality, and support other young people to do the same.

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    Katie has been involved with Youth Work since her days at youth club! Now she helps Youth Highlands Youth Work team with everything from promoting events to admin. Along with her passion to be a part of a driven youth work team, Katie always brings a smile and a laugh with her and reminds us that work should be fun as well as focused!


    Why we do what we do

    We believe that youth work changes lives and because of this we want to ensure all young people in Highland have access to quality youth work services.

    How we do it

    Youth Highland works to enable EVERY young person to access youth work in a safe space where they can socialise, have fun and learn.

    What we do

    We enable a wide variety of programmes using youth work methods, principles and values co-delivered by young people and skilled and confident youth workers in communities across Highland.


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    Where's Your Head At?

    Phase 1 - Funded by Comic Relief, Youth Highland supported young people to develop a piece to work to showcase what it is like to live and grow up in the Highlands. When the pandemic hit in 2020 this project changed from a film project to a book project. The result is a moving and honest collection of testimonies from young people. You can download your copy here.

    Phase 2 - Funded by the Scottish Government’s Youth Arts Fund through Creative Scotland with support from Youth Music Initiative and Time to Shine, young people have been supported to use creative processes to collect and amplify the voices of young people to ensure they are seen and heard. This work has resulted in a film and sound projection piece that expresses young peoples reflections about their experience of living and growing up in Highlands.

    For more information please contact Verity or William.

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    Youth Highland is thrilled to be working with Area Youth work HUBS to enable us to continue to develop the youth work offer in area based Voluntary Youth HUBs and clubs - improving access to community based universal youth clubs and enabling regional partnership to improve outcomes for young people.

    To find out about what a difference community based Youth Work makes to young people please download copies of our past reports

  • Summer of Hope 2021
  • Youth Work Education Recovery Fund (2020/21)
  • Mental Health Report (2020)

  • For more information contact Coral

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    Peer Education

    We’re looking for young people across Highland who have knowledge or lived experience in drugs, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, voice acting, script writing, music, digital artistry, quest writing, and battle making to try our new Role-Playing Game and add bits to it to make it much more fun!

    To find out how to get involved and for more information about what opportunities there are please contact Bronwyn.

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    YOUth Led

    Youth Highland has supported groups of young people make positive change happen in their lives and communities. In 2021 Youth Highland worked with 5 area HUBs to enable the development and continuation of high quality Youth Work programmes. Find a copy of the Youth Work Education Recovery report here. If you are interested in finding out how you can get involved in your community whether that be geographical or of interest, get in touch with Coral or Bronwyn.

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    Voluntary Youth Network

    The Voluntary Youth Network was launched in January 2017 in response to the increasing financial threat to voluntary and third sector youth organisations in Highland. Click here for the latest copy of the VYN Improvement Plan and here for your copy of the latest VYN Briefing Paper. To find out about Area Youth HUB's download a copy of the HUB briefing paper here. For information about the VYN's response to the Community Paradigm Report ,you can download the summary and the Highland Voluntary Sector Response reports. With mental health being identified as on of the main priority areas of the HOIP, you can download a copy of a report exploring the VYN's role in supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people in Highland here.

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    Youth Achievement Awards

    As an Operating Agency, Youth Highland are excited to be able to offer support for young people and member clubs to access SQA accredited awards! Youth Achievement Awards are a fantastic way of recognising the achievements of Young People and gaining qualifications. For more information on the Youth Achievement Awards get in touch with Rhiannon or visit the Youth Scotland website.



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    Youth Highland Membership

    Membership of Youth Highland costs from £85 per year. As a member of Youth Highland you will also gain membership of the National Youth Scotland Network. Completed Membership only or Membership and Insurance applications should be sent to

    If you would like a conversation or a good old fashioned paper membership form please contact Jacquie in the office on 01349 865186 or email

  • Access specialist advice and support – including regular email news drops with relevant information.
  • Access Youth Highland and Youth Scotland youth projects.
  • Access regional and National specialist youth work and related training and CPD opportunities.
  • Access and support to deliver a range of Nationally recognised Youth Awards.
  • Inclusion in the regional Highland VYN and regional VYN Improvement Plan.
  • Representation from Youth Highland on regional and National forums and strategic groups.
  • Access specialist insurance packages for your youth club and activities.

  • We look forward to welcoming you as a member club and supporting your work with children and young people in Highland!



    The Pillar Box, High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9HA.

    01349 865186

    The Pillar Box, High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9HA.


    Youth Highland work hard to ensure that young people across the Highlands have access to trained, skilled and trusted workers in thier communities, but this wouldn't be possible without funding from a range of organisations and trusts. Thank you to all of our funders who continue to support the work we do.

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    The main purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is to protect individuals' rights and freedoms, particularly their right to protection of their personal data. Youth Highland have produced a simple tick box guide to take you through the procedures you have in place to ensure you are looking after the data you need safely. Click here to download a copy.

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